Air Canada to Resume Terrace-Calgary Service in October

Hillary Johnson

Air Canada announced today that it would resume daily non-stop, year-round flights between Calgary and Terrace beginning October 28 of this year.

Air Canada Director of Government Relations, Serge Corbeil says the move is being made in response to economic growth in the Terrace-Kitimat area.

“We have been in discussion with the airport society, and with some of the community members, some of the business here. LNG Canada for example, and they have been asking us for a while that they thought a Calgary service could work we looked very closely at the numbers, and we came to the conclusion that yes, we believe that the demand is there now to justify a service to Calgary from Terrace.”


[PHOTO:   Serge Corbeil (Air Canada) --  Hillary Johnson CFTK]

A significant Increase in passenger capacity is the result of these changes, and Air Canada believes the business case is supported.

“It increases the number of seats, the number of people who can actually travel from, not only Vancouver or Calgary to Terrace, but also from our vast global network. We like to say that you know Terrace with Air Canada and Air Canada Express is one to two stops away from six continents and 220 destinations. There are tremendous economic opportunities when such services exist.”

Corbeil says it takes effort and research to plan new flight routes.

“Things like that don't just happen, they happen because we work very closely with communities. The airport society here has been a great partner of ours. You look around and see the changes they have done to the terminal, and the relationship that we have is really conducive to making sure that we can continue and increase service to the community.”

It was also mentioned that the airport is moving forward to finish the expansion, which is planned to be roughly 30 percent bigger than the current facility.

Both Air Canada and WestJet had previously operated direct flights between Terrace and Calgary, but discontinued the service a few years ago-- WestJet briefly revived it this past winter but then suspended it back in February.

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