Air Canada resumes flights to Prince Rupert

John Crawford, Divya Gill

Air Canada service resumed today at Prince Rupert's Digby Island Airport, nearly three months after the airline temporarily suspended flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Airport manager Rick Leach says these are challenging times for individuals and local businesses alike -- but he promised air travellers that the Customer experience is being enhanced by swiftly moving passengers to and from the island airport.
[PHOTO:  Rick Leach, Manager, Prince Rupert Airport]
Leach says it's great to see flights resume to the North Coast, even though he knows some people will be leery about flying right now.
"It's definitely a relief being able to get a flight back and get some connectivity out of the city it's important to the overall business culture here so from that perspective, it's important and I guess we're just going to have to see as this goes forward how customers are going to react," he said.

The owner of Elan Travel George Clark says before COVID, business was booming for his company, however now he's not so sure customers are open to travelling with boarders to the United States being closed till the latter part of July and international flights still being closed. 

"We expect in the fall there will hopefully be a demand again for people again for people to take vacation. I think people are looking forward to have the opportunity to take a vacation again, but its going to come back pretty slowly. 

Right now, Elan Travel is focusing on helping travellers book within Canada.
Air Canada also suspended flights to Smithers and Sandspit in late March as the pandemic took hold.
Service to those two airports is scheduled to resume on Canada Day.  


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