Alaska Ferries may return to Prince Rupert

Kathy Brookes

Prince Rupert's mayor is hopeful Alaska ferries will resume service to his city this year.

The State of Alaska pulled its ferry service out of Prince Rupert last fall -- except for two runs under a temporary agreement. 

But now, it's proposing a summer 2020 schedule for the Alaska Marine Highway System which would include stops in Prince Rupert twice a week every other week between May and September.

The "Matanuska" would sail between Prince Rupert and Ketchikan on a route which would also go up to Sitka, Juneau and Skagway.

On the weeks it didn't stop in Prince Rupert, the vessel would sail from Ketchikan down to Bellingham, Washington. 

When Prince Rupert was cut from the schedule last fall, the State of Alaska cited issues with security during customs checks, as well as budget restrictions. 

It's now inviting public comments on its proposed summer schedule, and Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain said in a Facebook post on Tuesday, this is a big win and thanked all the parties involved for continuing to work collaboratively to find solutions to this complex issue. 

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