BCGEU Celebrates The New Terrace Office With Grand Opening

Hillary Johnson

The British Columbia Government Employees Union had the official opening of their new building in Terrace yesterday. Guests enjoyed light refreshments as well as a cultural dance performed by the Xbisuun’t Dancers. Construction of the building started in September 2017 and was completed by October 2018. The total project cost of the one storey building was 3.8 million dollars. The space is available, not only to BCGEU members but to the public for community events and meetings. BC Government and Service Employees Union President, Stephanie Smith, spoke about the new facility.


‘We were renting a building here in Terrace; our lease was coming up and at convention, our delegates, who are nominated from all around the province, they have said to us, as their senior leaders, that they wanted us to build and buy buildings, so that these would be resources that our members can call on. This is good stewardship of their finances.”

Smith explained how this building is one of the most modern and sustainable buildings in Terrace.

“We really want to be environmental stewards as well so we used recycled materials. We have low flush toilets, our lighting systems are designed to be energy efficient, our HVAC systems, and we want to reduce our carbon footprint. It’s also built with accessibility in mind, our gender neutral bathrooms, wheelchair assessable; we want to make this an inclusive space for everyone.”

She described the importance of representing indigenous people and culture within the facility.

“We represent members who are indigenous. We also represent members who work with indigenous communities and many, again, are convention resolutions have put us on a path to the calls to action, for truth and reconciliation and also imbedding the United Nations declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples within our work as a union, so it’s very important for us to always ground ourselves on the territories in which we are occupying and so, in doing that in consultation with local indigenous leaders, we have named our rooms after some of the surrounding nations.”

Local residents now have a new, contemporary option for a meeting space in Terrace. If you’re interested in seeing or wish to book a meeting space in the new facility, make sure to contact the area office as rooms are subject to availability.

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