Bulkley Valley Exhibition Celebrates 100 Years of Fall Fair Fun in Smithers

John Crawford

One hundred years and going strong -- that's how organizers describe the Bulkley Valley Exhibition, which hit the century mark this weekend.


"They've been putting on the fall fair for 100 years now -- there were a couple of little breaks in there during the war and during the Depression, but this is one of our longest-running events, something people look forward to all year long," said Mayor Taylor Bachrach.

Among the attendees was Houston's Ruth Hamblin, who is a professional basketball player -- she was drafted 16th overall by the Dallas Wings of the WNBA in 2016.

But she has fond memories of the BVX. 

[PHOTO:   Ruth Hamblin at BVX 2019 == CFTK PHOTO] 

"I grew up coming to the Bulkley Valley Exhibition -- I actually was a competitor in the 4-H shows in the horse and beef sides but it's been a few years but it's good to come back and see the other side of the Fall Fair."}

Mayor Bachrach says the weather this year was cool and wet, but people still came out in large numbers. -- and
with the first Century now behind it, the planning begins soon for the start of the next 100 years of this ageless event.

"The big thing about the fair is that it takes a group of really dedicated people to put it on every year -- I just want to give a big thank you to the staff and the volunteers at the Agricultural and Industrial Association, at the Smithers Rodeo -- they work so hard every year to make this happen for folks and gives us an event that we can look forward to and come together as a community," said Bachrach.

[PHOTO:   Smithers Mayor Taylor Bachrach]



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