Port Edward Couple Cleaning Up the Community

Brittany Webster

Justin and Joanne Batting are some of Port Edwards newest residents and they are already taking action towards a cleaner community.

The Battings have spent several hours over multiple days walking the side of the road heading out of Port Edward collecting recyclables and garbage along the way.

When asked why they were doing it, they said why not, but the idea formed because they could use the extra change for the holidays. "We're low income people, so we thought let's go out and we've seen a lot of empties along the road. We started just picking up empties, may as well do the garbage as well and clean the side of the road and hopefully get enough for some extra Christmas money."

The Battings recently moved from Terrace and are still trying to find work within the community, but collecting cans and picking up garbage fills their days and adds to the bank account.

But despite the good work they've been doing the couple says drivers haven't been courteous to slow down and move over, and they've already gone back to places they've cleaned previously to pick up new trash left behind. "We can only do what we can right. If people want to keep littering, go ahead. I'll just come back here and do it again. I want to stay her in Port Ed, it's a nice community. We'll keep it clean as best as we can."

The Battings said that aside from some people picking up the larger items as they drove past, no one has stopped to help.

It doesn't take much to lend a hand and fill a bag. They've started in Port Edward and are working their way to Prince Rupert. If you'd like to help them out, give them a call at (250)615-1651.

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