RCMP Promote Program Designed to Reduce Bike Thefts

John Crawford

Terrace RCMP are trying to cut down on the number of bike thefts in the city -- and are promoting a new bike registration program which they hope will help.

It's called "529 Garage", and Constable Crystal Evelyn is encouraging people to register at the local detachment any Monday to Thursday between 10am and 4pm until the end of August.

And an extra incentive is being offered to those who register early.


"By registering with 529 Garage, what it does is allow you to create an online profile, which includes pictures of your bike -- as many pictures of your bike as you want -- you can include details about unique descriptions -- if people bring their bikes to the Terrace RCMP, we'll get them registered with this on-line app, and we'll also give them this sticker right here which is a highly-visible sticker that basically says to thieves: Hey I'm registered.

"And we're offering to the first 25 people who come and register their bike with this 529 Garage at the detachment, we're going to give you a free lock too, so we're really trying hard at the detachment to get people to make those good decisions about locking it up and rewarding them for doing that and registering it," she explained.

You can register your bike at the Terrace RCMP detachment, every Monday to Thursday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m,  until August 30th.


RCMP offering incentive to register in bike theft-prevention program


2019-07-18 10:41 PDT


They can be found in ditches, alleyways, and backyard chop shops throughout Terrace – dozens of lost and stolen bikes.

To help deter thieves from stealing bikes and to help return recovered bikes to their rightful owners, Terrace RCMP is reaching out to the community to get on board with 529 Garage, a free theft-prevention program.

Each year we have dozens of bikes reported stolen and dozens more turned into the detachment as found property, said Terrace RCMP Staff Sergeant, Michael Robinson. More often than not those bikes end up being destroyed because we don’t know who they belong to, or they remain in the hands of criminals because their rightful owners have not documented their serial numbers and we can’t prove them stolen.

Terrace RCMP will be opening its doors to help people register their bikes Monday to Thursday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Detachment, 3205 Eby Street, until Aug. 30, 2019. As a special incentive, the first 25 people who attend will receive a free bike lock – another huge theft deterrent.

Registering with 529 Garage allows bike owners to create an online profile featuring pictures of their bike, its serial number, and other details which make it unique, such as customized components. Each person who registers is also encouraged to place a Shield ID on their bike frame. The ID is a tamper-proof sticker with a seven digit code. Trying to remove the sticker leaves clear signs of tampering and helps indicate to police the bike may be stolen.

The sticker is very visible and encourages thieves to back off, but if someone is brazen enough to remove it, the mark left will be obvious, said Stf. Sgt. Robinson.

If the bike is stolen, along with still reporting it to police, the bike’s rightful owner can use the 529 Garage App to alert other registrants, who can then use the app to send the victim tips on where it may be.

By getting people on board with 529 Garage in conjunction with locking up their bikes, this kind of program could really make a difference in the community, he added.

Bikes are a common mode of transportation for petty criminals because they’re easy to find and easy to ditch, said Stf. Sgt Robinson. By preventing bike thefts, we help prevent the other crimes criminals are using the bikes to go and commit, such as drug dealing, break and enters, and other thefts.

For more information on how to register your bike visit www.project529.com or contact the Terrace RCMP at 250-638-7400.

Released by

Cst. Crystal Evelyn

Community Policing / Media Relations Officer
Terrace RCMP
3205 Eby St., Terrace BC, V8G 2X7
Office: 250-638-7400
Fax: 250-638-7448

Email: Crystal.EVELYN@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

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