Truckers halted by Highway Blockade at Kitwanga

John Crawford

There were no serious injuries reported when a truck and CN train collided at Kitwanga last night -- but it appears the site is now the scene of a blockade in support of Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs and their conflict with the RCMP over the Coastal GasLink project.

Police say roads in the Kitwanga area were described as very icy at the time of last night's crash, which happened shortly before 9.

[All photos courtesy Rosa Daniels / Facebook] 

They say the semi was unable to stop at the level crossing before colliding with the train.

The truck was heavily damaged and partially blocked one lane of Highway 37 North.

This morning, several people set up a roadblock at that section of the highway, and are preventing large trucks from getting through.

Smaller passenger vehicles are being allowed to pass.


Alberta trucker Daryl Sulyk says he was on his way home from dropping off supplies at the Red Chris Mine near Iskut, when he was stopped by the protesters at around 7 o'clock this morning.

"When I got here there was only two ttrucks ahead of me that were stopped, now there's over a dozen and we're just trying to get back home, and they said that we could be here til Sunday and possibly longer, and this is ridiculous, they're not supplying us with any facilities, there's no washroom facilities, we're on the highway in the middle of nowhere, we got no food, we got no fuel, we got no water, we got nothing!"

Sulyk says the blockade was also preventing tow trucks from removing the damaged semi from the crash site.  


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