Mobile Breast Cancer Screening available is back at Prince Rupert

Divya Gill

Breast cancer screening will be available to women in Prince Rupert and Port Edward once again! 

A breast cancer screening mobile unit will be coming to the Civic Center during the week of July 6 to 15. 

Women between the ages of 50 to 74 are encouraged to make an appointment to be screened. 

Operation Manager of the mobile unit John Lowrie said the importance of this mobile unit is so women have the opportunity to get a screening done without having to travel quite a distance.

" Our mandate is to provide breast screening services for women in British Columbia who dont live in close proximity of one of our 36 centers. So we do close to 10% of all mammography examations in the province."

He said he understands some may still have concerns of entering a public space because of the novel COVID-19 crisis but he says strict measures are being put in place and all staff are to wear PPE's and masks while working 

" As far a social distancing is concerned we  have closed our waiting room, we ask our patients to come right at their appointment time , so don't come to early  so there's not a lot of people outside the vehicle. Once they enter the vehicle they go right into the screening room where they are asked to disrobe and we conduct the screening mammogram and then they're asked to leave."


Lowrie added once imaging is complete they are then sent to British Columbia Women's Hospital within minutes. This speeds up the process for radiologists to review the x-rays within a short time frame which allows physicians to back to physicians and patients if there is an immediate concern. The mobile unit does come to Prince Rupert once a year and women are encouraged to book their appointment ahead of time

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