Small crowd attends Terrace's First Draft Budget Presentation Meeting

John Crawford

Terrace Mayor Carol Leclerc says she thinks most city residents understand the need for municipal taxes going up, in the face of increased concerns over public safety downtown and the rise in residential property crime.

The city held its first draft budget presentation last night, and outlined plans to hire one additional RCMP officer, two more firefighters and to hire a Parks Supervisor.


Leclerc says she was a bit surprised by the small turnout  for the presentation Tuesday night, although she says a lot of people watched online through Facebook or the city's webcast -- and she says so far, most of the feedback from the public has been supportive.

"Most of the people say `okay we can do this' -- there's the odd person who says `the assessments are going up, the tax increase is going to be more than what you're saying it's going to be, so it's making sure that we are putting out a good message and we've gone from eight per cent to -- I think we're down to 7.44 per cent; we have decided to remove the flower baskets that are going into our community, the price has doubled in the last two years."

Leclerc says increasing industrial development in the area is creating social pressures.

"LNG Canada, the other industry that's happening in the northwest, is really changing the face -- we're definitely a growing community and we don't want to be scrambling from behind to make sure that there's a feeling of safety in our community," she explained.

People can submit written feedback to the budget until January 15th, and then a public consultation meeting will be held on the 16th.


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