The District of Port Edward is calling local Contractors to continue the restoration of the North Pacific Cannery

Divya Gill

In April the North Pacific Cannery Historical Site announced they will not be open for visitors this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The District of Port Edward has released a Request for Proposal for estimates to be completed for the restoration and maintenance of the Cannery's 35 buildings & structures. General Manager Ann Leach says the Cannery always needs to be maintained periodically.

"So the bulk of the restoration did take place already and right now we are in the process of continuing  what wasn't completed or maintaining what was completed because everything needs to be maintained periodically."

The last restoration project dated back in February 2018 with 1.4 million dollars in grants from in kind donations and job partnerships. This year's project has not decided on what type of funding will be made.

"Once we have an idea as to just how much how much funding or how much we need then we will explore how to obtain this funding. This is not a small undertaking because again it's a challenging site to work out ".

As the Cannery holds a very special and historic sentiment to the community as well as tourists, contractors must take into account conservation of cultural landscapes, exterior assemblies and / or interior finishes, including restoration and use of stockpiled materials that are on site where possible.

Applications are due by June 19, 2020. The Contract award will be announced on July 3rd, and the work is set to be complete for August 14th.


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