Sports Anglers in the Northwest will have to wait till Mid-July for Chinook Salmon

Divya Gill

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans announced the first closure of the season for the chinook salmon recreational fishery for the Skeena Watershed -- and some area sports anglers aren't happy.

The planned reopening is set for July 15th.

Mandi McDougall, of Terrace-based West Coast Fishing Adventures, says a full chinook closure on the Skeena will just transfer pressure to other waterways

"So this is just going to push people to go out to the oceans and get their limits, which are a lot more than they are inland to the other rives like Kitimat River."

McDougall says she spoke with the Skeena Angling Guides Association, and they are unclear of the reasons behind the closure. 

"We don't feel there's proper representation for these closures, there's no science behind it;  I know that they are some issues with certain First Nations who are asking  for these closures  but they are not giving us any science behind why there is this closure."

The DFO also has announced the recreational fishery for chum salmon will remain closed on the entire Skeena watershed, including tributaries and lakes. 

Fishers are advised to consult with the online BC Sport Fishing guide for a complete list of the recreational salmon regulations for all lakes and rivers in Region Six.

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