Coast Mountian School District 82 reports low in-class attendance

Hillary Johnson

Voluntary in-class student learning within the province was back in session yesterday, but the attendance numbers in the Coast Mountian School District 82 was low. Acting superintendent Janet Meyer says that approximately 28 percent of students from a total enrollment of 4,300 students physically attended class. She says that as long as the schools follow the safety requirements laid out by Worksafe BC and the Ministry of Education and stay within the density limit while following all other parameters, each school can choose which days and time students can attend classes. Meyer says they often try and take the approach that one size does not fit all for the school district.

"So every school designed both a school site safety plan and the school site instructional plan, and the first one laid out how they were going to manage wash stations, how their traffic patterns were going to be designed, where they were going to put markings on the floor, what are the entrances people are going to use, where were students and staff are going to be designated to wash stations and also they created an instructional plan that indicated who was returning, what grade was it when each of those cohorts was going to attend."

Meyer says social distancing parameters have not been relaxed, and practices have been put in place to ensure the health of both students and staff.

"There is increased supervision at schools in terms of recess and lunch and the monitoring of student interaction. The space in which people can go is restricted. They would have all been assigned to their classroom teacher, all would have been assigned to the washrooms they use, all would have been assigned to a wash station, and in addition, every school has at least one surface cleaner as we call them, which is a redeployed CUPE member. Their sole duty is to clean high touch surface areas in schools."

Meyer would like to recognize the hard work and support of the entire staff within the district and says it warms her heart to see students once again attending school.

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