School Districts busily prepare to resume in-class instruction

John Crawford

The Premier's announcement last week that in-class instruction would resume for BC students on June 1st has school districts across the province scrambling to prepare.
In the Coast Mountains School District, Acting Superintendent Janet Meyer says kindergarten-to-Grade-5 students will be allowed to attend school two days per week, while those in Grades 6 to 12 will attend one day per week, beginning June 1st -- but it will be on a voluntary basis.

But she says the school district needs to know fairly quickly who's coming and who's not.

"Parents are going to be put, probably within the next 24 to 48 hours, in a position to inform the school whether they are going to be sending their child to school or not and, while we would love for this decision to have some flexibility in it, it really doesn't, as it relates back to our density targets, because once we've established who is and who is not,  individual schools are going to plan their re-entry on June 1st, based on that information," she explained.

Meyer says a weekend survey conducted by the school district found that 60 percent of parents of K-to-5 students who responded said they would NOT be sending their children back to class on June 1st.
Meyer says parents will be contacted in the next two days to try to determine how many students in all grades will be returning.
Those that don't will still receive at-home instruction.
In the meantime, staff will prepare for their return.
"Our phasing will start next week when all staff have been called back to their work site and next week will see our educators and our support staff, along with our administration, doing some work around orientation, around what this new structure's going to look like," she explained.

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