Coast Mountain College will use Distributed Learning format for upcoming school year

Divya Gill

The Coast Mountain College is advising students the  2020-21 academic year will be majority through a distributed Learning format. 

Distributed learning uses tools that include web-conferencing platforms, online videos, social media, textbooks, print modules, and many other innovative ways to engage students. 

Justin Kohlman President of the College said the other ten percent will be a blend of distributed and face-to face learning.

"Nursing programs, health programs and trades programs that have required practicum's for instance, and so in those cases, those practicum's will done in a combined manner, so there is face to face but with all the health safety put in place."

The College is also encouraging staff and students to seek approval from the board if they have innovative ideas with experiential learning. 

The idea must obtain the social distancing rules provided by the government in order to be approved. 

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