Cow Bay Days Cancelled for Lack of Volunteers

Brittany Webster

Prince Rupert's Cow Bay Days has been cancelled this year, and former organizer Connie Jack says it's sad no one is willing to step up and take it on.

Jack declined an interview with CFTK News, but did confirm the event has been cancelled due to the lack of volunteers, something Bev Killbery, President of the Prince Rupert Special Events Society, says they have been struggling with also.

The Special Events Society hasn't had to cancel any events as of yet, but Killbery says they have downsized in the past when they lacked support.

"Maybe it's two years ago now, our Winterfest, I don't want to use the word cancel, but we did change the itinerary and we did not have the Saturday night down at the waterfront. Again, we had no groups to help us put up the tents and no one ready to hand out all the hot chocolate and cookies."

The Special Events Society does have an incentive for high school students in the form of a bursary, but according to Killbery there was only one bursary applicant this year despite being two awards being available.

Killbery says the lack of volunteerism is due to a shift in family dynamics, like both parents working full time, and the lack of the younger generation having an importance of community instilled within them.

"It's sad when things that are featured items do leave. And, I don't know, maybe it takes something like the Cow Bay Days being cancelled or legion week, or you know maybe one year something else will be cancelled, and then people will be saying, 'Well oh geez we really miss it, we wish it was back.' Well, we're telling you you can keep it as long as we keep getting some support in volunteering."

The Prince Rupert Special Events Society is in chagre of four annual festivals - Children's Fest, Seafest, Canada Day, and Winterfest - and when asked if they could take on Cow Bay Days in future years, Killbery's answer was no.

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