Curbside recycling will be implemented in Kitimat

Hillary Johnson

The District of Kitimat has approved a new waste management plan at this week's Council meeting, which will see curbside recycling incorporated into the weekly waste collection. With the current system, recyclables are not separated and are dumped together in the landfill as garbage.

Kitimat mayor Phil Germuth says the municipality is looking into harmonizing with Terraces waste system where organic waste and recyclables are separated, which he says may provide substantial benefit. Germuth explains if all goes to plan, the system could be in effect by April 2021.

"We worked with the Regional District of Kitimat Stikine, of course, we went through the program in Terrace and Thornhill, and they did a really good job of that, I must say. We are going to piggyback off with some of the information they used and what they learned as what worked and didn't work for public engagement to get people educated as well as they can to know what can go in and what can't go in."

Germuth says they appreciate the community's patients over the past several years without having a proper program in place, and he looks forward to the multiple benefits of its implementation.

"Extending the life of our landfill was the biggest one right also, it's a decrease in your greenhouse gas emissions when you can recycle instead of just dumping everything into the landfill, especially organics and things like that. We are looking at many benefits for this, for the environment for greenhouse reductions and, of course, to promote recycling."

This strategy should be viewed as a flexible document that will require regular adjustments as Council obtains more information to guide the implementation of this strategy. Germuth mentioned that there would be a community engagement aspect to ensure residents are on the same page.

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