Storm Causes Power Outages Across Much of Northwest BC

John Crawford, Hillary Johnson

A rain and windstorm yesterday resulted in damage and power outages across much of the northwest -- and power remains out in many areas this morning.

The storm caused trees to fall which knocked out powerlines throughout the northwest, creating power outages, delays and closures on many streets.

[PHOTO:   Haugland Avenue, Terrace -- Monday night (July 22, 2019)  -- CFTK]

[PHOTO:   Lanfear Hill, Terrace - Monday night (July 22, 2019) -- Sean Bujtas]

Terrace Deputy Fire Chief Dave Jephson is reminding residents to stay away from downed power lines.

"If you have wires that are down in your yard or against your car, against your house do not walk towards them. You know if you are in a car and wires fall across the car stay in your car someone is going to call 911 we will come there. So don't go near any power lines or any or any wires on the ground until they have been cleared by an agency," he warned

BC Hydro says power remains out in areas north of Terrace, in the Kitwanga-Hazelton area, the Bulkley Valley and at Stewart.

The highway between Stewart and Hyder,  Alaska, had been closed overnight due to downed power lines -- but Drive BC reported that the route had been cleared early this morning.

There have been no reporters of injury at this point.

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