Child Care Centers are finding ways to adapt to the new normal

Divya Gill 

Daycares across the country are operating on limited attendance in an effort to help with physical distancing. The province says centres must have the physical space to support distancing, and encourages outdoor play when appropriate. 

Discovery Child Care Manager Lisa Pretulac says before business opened up back on May 14, the centre used their time off to put in place different safety precautions. Although it is hard to tell the children to maintain social distancing rules, they remind the children to constantly wash their hands after playtime. 

"  Now we are open 8-4 and that enables  all of our staff to stay after work and  fully sanitize the center spraying everything from touching height down  and making sure all surfaces is disinfected every single day.

Pretulac says since the reopen, the center has staggered drop-offs for parents and ensures staff and parents are still maintaining the six feet apart rule. Pretulac notices parents are becoming more comfortable as they see all the safety measures being put in place.

"We've developed a questionnaire for both the families and the staff so they need to text and say  we are here and  we can answer NO  to all of the health questions. We then bring the children in and immediately wash their hands before they are going to touch anything in the play area."

One aspect the center is grateful for is the extra funding from the government.  Discovery Child Care received child care operating funding.  This means parents who are able to take care of their child at home still can. This funding helps saves a spot for the family in September. If things do go back to normal this funding not only helps ease the stress on parents but it also helps the child care center continue running their business. 


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