Dr. and Mrs. Mills Memorial Project Underway

Hillary Johnson

Terrace City Council has passed a motion to support and provide up to 15-hundred dollars of funding to the 100-Year Celebration Committee to memorialize Doctor Stanley Gordon Mills and his wife Edith. Committee representative, Yvonne Moen, made a presentation to Council Monday night, explaining their importance and contribution to the community.

“This year, on May the 21st 1961, is 58 years ago that took the lives of two people and now we would like to pay tribute to Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Mills. Dr. Mills came to Terrace in the spring of 1929 and Mrs. Mills followed in the fall of that same year. Dr. and Mrs. Mills devoted many years of their lives to the needs of the sick people of the community.”

Moen explained the role that the Mills undertook, in Terrace, during the middle part of the last century.

“There was no hospital; he operated on the kitchen table, under trees, wherever there was a need. I think it's so important for us, in Terrace, to remember them and to teach people who these people were.”

Not all of the council members agreed with the memorial project. Councillor, Sean Bujtas, acknowledges the importance of the couple's contribution but argues that Terrace has already recognized their contributions, in multiple forms.

“I just don't see a reason to do this when you've got a hospital named after you; you have recognition at Pioneer Cemetery. There are a lot of people out there that need recognition; that they are missing out on. I'm not sure we need to do more for this family. I also think that before I could even support it, the family has to be consulted and asked if they want this because maybe, they don't.”

The majority of Council agreed that the project will be subject to the approval of the Mills family. The Mills died in a house fire in 1961, just months after the hospital that was named after them, opened in Terrace. The memorial rock and plaque would be placed outside the location of the couple's last place of residence.

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