Get Ready for Disaster During Emergency Preparedness Week

Brittany Webster

May 5th to 11th is Emergency Preparedness Week and Canadians are being reminded to have a plan and a kit before disaster strikes.

In B.C., the emergencies to be prepared for are wildfires, floods, and earthquakes, as well as tsunami's along the coast.

Parlimentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness, Jennifer Rice, says it is important to have an emergency kit at the ready and people should have an emergency contact out of province.

"You want to have a contact that is out of the province. So if there is a province wide earthquake or a province wide emergency and phone lines are jammed, often you can relay information out of province to a family member or friend, and the lines will be open to go out of province when in province they might be jammed up."

And to get the province prepared, the Alert Ready System will be tested this week. British Columbians can expect an alert on their phone, radio and television tomorrow at 1:55 pm.

"We want to build the toolbox of tools. So a lot of people will say, well I don't have a phone, what about those that don't have cellphones, or don't have cell coverage. Again, we're not proposing that we're going to have a solution that we'll be able to contact every British Columbian in a moment, but it's another tool in the toolbox of a way of communicating with people."

Rice adds that phones not updated to the latest software may not receive the alert.

More information on how to prepare for an emergency and the hazards in your area can be found under Public Safety and Emergency Services on the B.C. government website.

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