Family of Terrace Hit and Run Victim Appeal to Driver to Come Forward

John Crawford

The family of a Terrace man who was killed in a suspected hit-and-run collision over the weekend are appealing to the person responsible to come forward.

The family appeared before the media this afternoon at the Terrace RCMP detachment, to describe the pain of losing 30-year-old Cameron Kerr, who police say was walking along the north side of Highway 16, from New Remo toward Terrace, when he was struck and killed by a west-bound vehicle.

The collision happened sometime between 3am and 7am Sunday morning -- and Kerr's body was discovered lying in the ditch several hours later.

Cameron's brother, Garrett Kerr, spoke on behalf of the family -- here is his full statement: 

"Two days ago, my world and that of my family was shattered -- I lost my best friend since I was two years old and I had to tell my parents that they would never see their son again. 

"My brother was an icon in this community and he touched more lives than any of us can imagine; he was a fierce competitor on the ice and the best friend anyone could imagine off of it.  He was one of the most compassionate, courageous, kind and genuine people that anybody had known;  he was always happiest in the outdoors, on the snow, in the mountains and especially on the river -- he had a smile that could light up any room.

[PHOTO:  Garrett Kerr and family address media, regarding hit-and-run death of his brother Cameron -- JOHN CRAWFORD CFTK-TV]

"If you know anything, or you think you may know anything or if you see anything at all that you find suspicious, please come forward;  if you were involved in the incident that led to my brother's death, you've taken the light from our lives; we are devastated and the uncertainty of the circumstances around his death is eating at our souls;  please come forward!" 

RCMP have determined that the vehicle involved is a 2011-to-2016 Ford F-350 pickup with damage to the passenger side, including the mirror. 

A boat trailer believed associated to the pickup has been recovered.

Sergeant Shawn McLaughlin says police have received numerous tips.

"This is a close-knit community and Cameron was a very important part of this community -- that's become evident in our investigation with the amount of tips and the cooperation that we're receiving from the public, which has been tremendous -- anything they may believe is out of the ordinary or suspicious, no matter how small, could be helpful in this investigation so please come forward, take your time to come forward -- it's not a waste of our time, we will chase down and explore any lead we receive," he said.

[Sgt Shawn McLaughlin -- R.C.M.P. West Pacific Region Traffic Services -- JOHN CRAWFORD CFTK-TV]

Police also say they believe the driver responsible for this collision was not acting alone -- and McLaughlin issued a warning that anyone who aids in covering up a crime can also be charged.


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