Fire Destroys Grassy Plains Country Store

John Crawford

It provided relief during the 2018 wildfires south of Burns Lake -- and has been a community hub for decades -- but today the Grassy Plains Country Store and Restaurant is in ruins, after being destroyed by fire yesterday.


Southside Firefighter Axel Orr says the owners and operators of the store -- Gary and Faith Martens -- have always been great community supporters, and showed that during the summer wildfires.

"They offered free food to the firefighters, they packed them lunches during the whole entire evacution, they were one of the biggest helpers in the whole entire evacuation," he said.

But early Wednesday morning, fire was the enemy once again -- a blaze that is believed to have started in the kitchen, roared through the building, consuming it and an apartment upstairs, which was the home of a single mom and her two children.

Orr says the fire spread quickly -- with several community members soon arriving to help out.

"When we got up there, there was a lot of black smoke coming out of the roof and windows -- we set up our truck because there's another store or building right close to it so we decided that we needed to protect that other building too -- we have a small fire department and we had three show up on the scene and then there was other community members showing up with more water supply and helping us out."

Now, the community is reaching out to the world at large through Go Fund Me accounts, trying to raise money for the Martens -- and for the woman and two children who lost their home and all their belongings.

The good news in all this is that no one was hurt.  

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