Dramatic Rescue of Fisherman in North Coast Waters

John Crawford

A fisherman is recovering in hospital, after a dramatic rescue in North Coast waters yesterday.

According to a report from Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Station 64 in Prince Rupert, the man had become entangled in his gear and was pulled underwater for three-to-four minutes before being freed by his crewmates.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority's nearby vessel, the "Charles Hays", was able to get to the scene quickly and stabilize the unresponsive patient.

The Hays was then met at the mouth of Porpoise Harbour by rapid response vessels deployed by Station 64 and the Canadian Coast Guard -- and they combined to provide advanced medical care until the man could be delivered to a waiting BC Ambulance at Port Edward.

[FILE PHOTO  Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue - Station 64 Prince Rupert]

He was rushed to Prince Rupert Hospital -- and is now reportedly on the road to recovery.

He was visited late yesterday afternoon by members of the SAR team and they say he was doing much better.


Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue - Station 64 Prince Rupert

MAYDAY Callout 12:20pm 
RCM-SAR 64 Prince Rupert got a call for person in water near Smith Island.
Our crew departed within 5 mins of the call. Information received was that a fisherman was caught in gear and pulled under water. Fisherman was submerged in water for about 3-4 min in 10 meters of water. His crew reacted quickly and recovered by pulling back on ground line.

The closest vessel that was able to assist on was Charles Hays, Prince Rupert Port Authority vessel who took unresponsive patient on board. 
Charles Hays attended to patient and got him stabilized. 
Both RCM-SAR 64 and CCG dispatched their fast response vessels and met Charles Hays at the mouth of Porpoise Harbour. Ambulance was dispatched too.

RCM-SAR, CCG and Port authority crews worked together to provide advanced medical care. 
Ambulance crew took over and two RCM-SAR members assisted them from Port Ed to Prince Rupert and hospital.

We are very pleased to report that patient is on the road to recovery. We visited the patient in the hospital around 5 pm and he is doing much better. He would like to thank all first responders for saving his life today.

Bravo Zulu to Port Authority vessel for saving a life and amazing cooperation from all parties involved.


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