Terrace City Official Says Future of Bowling Lanes up to Council

John Crawford

A City of Terrace official says no firm decisions have been made about the future of Terrace Bowling Lanes, now that the city has bought the property it sits on.

Director of Development Services David Block says the land, which is adjacent to the fire department and City Hall, could be used to provide more municipal office space, expanded parking or additional room for fire-fighting equipment.


But until next May, it's being leased back to the current owners -- the Mumford family -- for one final season of bowling -- and what happens to the building after that will be up to City Council.

"We're not sure -- it could possibly stay, it's an old, old building, it's had a bowling lane in it for more than 50 years; whether it could be, or even be wanted to be repurposed by anyone for a lease for use, we don't know if that's an option -- it may be a move to demolish the building," he said.

[CFTK PHOTO:    David Block]

Block says if the bowling lanes and equipment currently in the building are not sold in the meantime, it's even possible someone else could lease the space to continue operating as a bowling alley for the short term.

But he says the city has pressing needs for more space, and purchasing the property would allow future growth.

For example, he said if the Terrace Fire Department acquired a ladder truck, they'd need additional bays or perhaps even a new fire hall.

He also says City Hall currently has virtually no office space for staff, and that parking is also hard to come by.

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