Queen Charlotte Recovers from House Fire and Explosion

John Crawford/Helena Skrinjar

Life is slowly returning to normal in the Village of Queen Charlotte, after Tuesday's fire and explosion which ripped apart a residence on 7th Street and damaged several nearby buildings.


7th Street remains closed to allow RCMP investigators to examine the wreckage -- but Oceanview Drive -- which is Highway 16 through the village --  has been re-open to traffic.

The community's water reservoir, which was depleted by the firefighting efforts, is slowly refilling -- but Emergency Water Restrictions will remain in place a while longer.

Village CAO Lori Wiedeman says officials are now working to help local residents and businesses in their recovery efforts.

She says everyone is feeling the effects.

"A huge impact for our community -- our Ace Hardware is our only hardware store in town, so we've got "Edge of the World" music festival happening this weekend and apparently they need some 2x4's so they've been in touch with the Ace Hardware folks to see if we can make that happen -- and also for the local business owners this is going to be a huge financial hit because it's our summer time and our high tourist season," Wiedeman said.

The Fire Department was busy again yesterday, as -- despite the extremely dry weather conditions -- someone decided to defy the campfire ban currently in place -- and there was also a spot fire, which was likely caused by a discarded cigarette.  

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