Hiker Rescued By Helicopter After Accident at Oliver Creek Northeast of Terrace

John Crawford

A hiker was rescued by helicopter yesterday, after suffering a broken ankle while hiking in the Oliver Creek area northeast of Terrace.

Search-and-Rescue spokesperson Dave Jephson says the man was with a friend, and were hiking near a waterfall when the accident happened at around 4 o'clock Monday afternoon.


"So using their In-Reach device, which they had taken with them, and their pre-plan that they had, they initiated a rescue call to the RCMP; we initiated a helicopter, we used one of our local providers who support us -- Summit Helicopters -- and they were able to access the area; with the skills of the pilot, they were able to do a hover exit on top of the waterfall where they were able to load the subject and get them safely into the helicopter and to return back to Terrace," he said.

Jephson says it's that preparation which was the key to a happy ending to the incident.

"We're seeing a lot of people enjoy the outdoors, enjoy their time in the backcountry doing multiple things -- here's an example where two individuals prepared for a possible emergency," he said.

Jephson says a three-person SAR team was flown in by Summit Helicopters -- and because the terrain wasn't flat enough to land the chopper, the pilot was forced to hover over the area while the injured person and his partner were lifted to safety.  

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