Horgan concerned about Alaska-bound Americans "queue jumping" to BC communities

The Canadian Press

Premier John Horgan says Americans crossing the border to head to Alaska are stopping in BC instead of going straight to their destination, and he wants it to stop.
Horgan says those "queue jumpers" are putting BC residents at risk as too many US states are seeing a surge in cases of COVID-19.

"Outbreaks in Washington State, California, Arizona, Texas are absolutely unacceptible; we have to maintain our border security so that we can protect the progress we've made here in British Columbia; we do not want to make it more difficult for people to get home, but if you're going home, you should go straight home, you shouldn't be stopping along the way to enjoy the sights and sounds of British Columbia, that's not part of the plan," he said.
Horgan says he has raised his concerns with Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland and hopes she'll discuss them with US officials.

"Issues in the United States are fluid, if I could be charitable, and so I don't want to force her hand;  she has been adept at working with current administration in the US to ensure that we're protecting the interests of Canada and we very much want her to protect the interests of British Columbia -- and she understands that," he said Thursday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in mid-June that the federal government is looking into reports of Americans who are stopping in Canada instead of going straight to Alaska.

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