Housing Project Has Residents Concerned

Hillary Johnson

Approval for the Tamitik Status of Women housing will soon be taking place, but not everyone is happy about the proposed building design for this project.

The community members feel that the services provided in Kitimat are absolutely necessary, however they believe it has to work for the community and everyone involved. Residents like Martin Mcilwrath have voiced their concerns about how this is going to affect their properties.

"You know, are concerns it's all about the building design and the footprint that it leaves. The way that its being proposed their parking lot will go right to our property line, so there will no longer be a buffer between our property and their property. So it's quite an invasive project in our view and it doesn't fit within the existing aesthetic in Strawberry Meadows."

He and the residents are hopeful that they might consider a redesign of the building so that it is no more than two stories tall. He also hopes that the building will be kept at a reasonable distance from his own property and that some of the natural trees and green space might be left untouched.

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