Family of Cameron Kerr Again Appeal for Tips in Hit-and-Run Death

John Crawford

The family of a Terrace man who was killed in a hit-and-run collision west of town last month are again appealing to the driver responsible to come forward.

[PHOTO:  Morgan Kerr, Garrett Kerr, Audrey Kerr, Calvin Kerr -- at Terrace RCMP detachment Dec 19, 2018 -- CFTK-TV]

Speaking at the Terrace RCMP detachment Wednesday, Audrey Kerr described the pain of losing her 30-year-old son Cameron, who was hit by an on-coming vehicle as he walked along the north shoulder of Highway 16, on his way from New Remo to Terrace, some time between 3 and 7am on Sunday, November 18th.

"The nightmares and images of Cameron's last moments haunt me every day; as a mother, daughter, wife, sister and friend, I'm appealing to anyone close to these individuals to find it in your heart to convince them to turn themselves in -- if you have any information, please break the pact of silence and come forward;  we ask that you give our family some peace so we can try to get through Christmas with a tiny shred of hope that this evenually will be resolved," she said.

Her surviving son, Garrett, appealed to those with information to imagine themselves in a similar situation to the Kerr family.

"To anyone who may have information about what happened to Cameron, your silence is denying our family the ability to grieve, the ability to accept Cameron's death;  I ask you to imagine if this was your friend or your son or your brother who was taken from you, then imagine that the people involved would not come forward, that those who could help you accept what has happened, who might be able to help you move on with your life would instead hold this information secret, would protect those responsible."

[PHOTO of Cameron Kerr -- killed by hit and run driver in November 2018]

Three days after the collision, the RCMP seized the vehicle they believed was involved on Haida Gwaii, and while they said they had identified a suspect, no charges have been laid.

Sergeant Shawn McLaughlin, of the R.C.M.P. West Pacific Region Traffic Services, says police are giving the file, which has all the complexities of a homicide investigation, their full attention -- and they will not relent until the driver responsible is brought to justice.

And he warned those hiding evidence that they could also face prosecution. 

So he said, for their own sakes as well as the sakes of Cameron's family, they need to come forward with any information they may have.

"Cameron deserves closure, his family deserves closure, his friends in this community deserve that closure;  to those of you responsible for Cameron's death, and those of you who have knowledge about what occurred, I want you to remember the faces you see here today;  never forget;  remember the pain and consider that not knowing what happened and the lack of closure is now what hurts them the most," he said.

If you have information, contact Terrace RCMP or Crime Stoppers.


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