Kitimat Council Discussed Pacific Traverse Energy Project

Hillary Johnson

Ongoing concerns about the possible increase of rail cars carrying propane through Kitimat from Pacific Traverse Energy, continue to trouble some residents. A delegation request was put forward prior to the council meeting by Elizabeth Throne, a board member from Douglas Channel Watch. Her main concerns consist of the location of the rail yard, the lack of a provincial environmental assessment, risk management and safety.

"Industry has to cooperate for the good of the community if they want to be apart of the community we are a relatively cramped space in this end of the Douglas Channel and organizations have to work to make it work and they have to make it work for other people not just for themselves. We would like to point out that dividing a project in threes they are under the size that triggers the EA maybe legal but it's not right and it shouldn't be allowed."

Representative Jonathan Turner from Pacific Traverse Energy attended the meeting to give an update on the proposed propane export project and give some clarification to the public.

"We are trying to identify the areas where our project, project activity can interact with either environmental resource, a social resource such as people. Is there something we can do around project sighting project design we can avoid an interaction so that we break that path way from potential effect to receptor."

Jonathan tried to reassure the council and residents that they are committed to protecting the environment, managing resources responsibly and minimizing emissions.

"We want to work with like-minded people so contractors, suppliers we want all the people working on our project to share our values. And to be using the latest technologies and best strategizes to sort of minimize their footprint and their impact as well. We are interested in developing a meaningful project I think we heard discussion around meaningful engagement meaningful consultation is our ambition."

The next phase of their plan is to focus on speaking with the public, and to ask community groups for their input at the first information session planned to happen this spring.


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