Kitimat Snow Valley Skating Club performs with Olympian Kaetlyn Osmond

Hillary Johnson

The Kitimat Snow Valley Skating Club hosted their year-end skating gala this past weekend, an event that showcases the hard work these athletes put into their craft. Director of Skating, Cynthia Medeiros explained the event and excitement surrounding the special guest Kaetlyn Osmond, a Canadian champion and three time Olympic medallist

"Thanks to LNG Canada they were able to sponsor this event so that we could bring in Kaetlyn Osmond, World Champion and Olympic gold medallist. Not only are we showcasing our fantastic skaters but we are also able to let our skaters see this wonderful skater so she is going to skate with us today at the show. She's doing two performances and skating in our finale; so it's a pretty exciting weekend for all of us for sure."

Osmond provide some advice for young skaters wishing to follow in her footsteps.

"Don't think to far ahead, keep in the moment, have fun, always stay positive, skating and anything, in general, is going to have obstacles and challenges and many things that are going to get in the way and that as long as you enjoy it and have a passion for it and work as hard as you possible can and just don't leave any stone unturned."

The skaters were excited at the opportunity to meet and skate with their idol. Team member, Angela Schmidt described her feelings when the group heard Kaetlyn was coming to town.

"We were so excited to meet her and her performance is just amazing and she such a nice person, we are so lucky that LNG brought her here. At first we couldn't believe that she was coming and we were like no way and then when we found out it was true, we were just like amazed and so excited and screaming and we couldn't believe it and ya Im so happy this all could happen."

Kaetlyn Osmond isn't the only Olympic royalty to visit the area. Canadian, Olympic and World Mens Figure Skating Champion Patrick Chan will be skating with the Terrace skating club this week at their gala.

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