Terrace, Kitimat teams finish first at Kitimat Super Heroes Golf Tourney

John Crawford

Teams from Terrace and Kitimat finished in first place at the Kitimat Super Heroes Annual ladies open golf tournament at Hirsch Creek in Kitimat over the weekend.
The Overall low-gross winners were Ann Maher, Kim Moldenhauer, Jocelyn Galloway and Paige Wardrop of Terrace.
They combined for a score of 146, beating out a foursome from Prince Rupert by three strokes.  
The overall low-net winners were from Kitimat:   Heather and Amy McCulley, Nina Heikkila and Jacqui Velho finished with a score of 69.6
A total of 104 women from Prince Rupert, Smithers, Houston, Terrace and Kitimat took part in the weekend tournament.

One Hundred and four ladies making up twenty six teams from Pr. Rupert, Terrace, Smithers, Houston and Kitimat played in the annual Kitimat Super Hero's annual golf tournament.
Overall low gross winners with a score of 146 from Terrace; Ann Maher, Kim Moldenhauer, Jocelyn Galloway and Paige Wardrop.

Overall low net winners with a score of 69.6 from Kitimat; Heather McCulley,  Amy McCulley, Nina Heikkila and Jacqui Velho.
Winners by flight;
A Flight;
1st low gross - Cynthia Rosario, Janet Sheppard, Margaret Chan, Hilma Pylot - 149 (Pr. Rup)
1st low net - Nancy Tormene, Raquel Gomes, Sharon Bruno, Fatima Reynolds - 84.5 (Kit)
2nd low net - Ann Slaney, Mel Kenzale, Kari Nicen, Trinna Brent - 95.5 (Houston)
3rd low net - Fran Fraser, Vivian Brookes, Corane Dohler, Sandy Dore - 98.5 (Smithers)
4th low net - Jackie Himech, Denise Hawkins, Louise Proctor, Jaime Bell - 99 (Houston)
B Flight;
1st low gross - Taylor Reese-Hansen, Misty Thomas, Casey Gero, Sussi Reese-Hanson - 158 (Kit)
1st low net - Mona Nester, Joy Stevenson, Bonnie Armstrong, Linda Kawinsky - 83.5 (Terr)
2nd low net - Anne Berrisford, Anna Krause, Mary Murphy, Melissa Baker - 87.5 (Kit)
3rd low net - Chalaine Hannah, Karla Zalys, Jordan Pawluk, Ann Ransom - 90 (Kit)
4th low net - Lori-Anne Seppala, Eduarda Wiebe, Cherie Seppala, Dorit Lindner- 93.5 (Kit)
C Flight
1st low gross - Kristi Genzale, Ilanna Hamilton, Samantha Froom, Brooke Weishar - 159 (Kit)
1st low net - Beckie Boomars, Kim McKenzie, Jasmine Medeiros, Nicole Meeds - 73.5 (Kit)
2nd low net - Riley Kenny, Sydney Harris, Randi Keller, Jessie Fuchs - 77 (Kit)
3rd low net   - Bailey Kasum, Leigh Kasum, Amy Parfitt, Stepheny Vossen - 94 ( Terr)
4th low net - Judy Scott, Anita Hauki, Anita Vahanikkila, Joanne Hauki - 99 (Kit)
--- Anne Berrisford

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