B-C Ferries cuts two sailings on the M-V Kwuna Ferry Line

Divya Gill

Haida Gwaii residents aren't too concerned about B-C Ferries cutting a couple of crossings on its inter-islands Alliford Bay route.

In a Service Announcement released on Friday, B-C Ferries announced service reductions for the M-V Kwuna due to the impact on revenues from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting today, the 12:30 pm sailing from Aliford Bay near Sandspit and the 1 pm departure from Skidegate have been dropped.

Village of Queen Charlotte Councillor Lisa Pineault says the reduction is minor and they are grateful the service is still running until 10:30 pm.

"This is going to be a slight inconvenience, but we are more concerned about what is going to happen in the future.

North Coast Regional District Area E Director Evan Putterill says it's his understanding that once COVID-19 is behind us, the service levels need to go back up to normal. 

B-C Ferries hasn't responded to our questions about that. 

But for now, the Kwuna will make three round trips a day.


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