LNG Canada Set To Begin Dredging

Marek Tkach

LNG Canada will soon begin dredging at Terminal "B" of the Kitimat harbour to accommodate for large ships transporting Liquefied Natural Gas out of Kitimat.

This process will clean out the bed of Douglas Channel by scooping out over 1.72- million metres cubed, worth of mud, weeds, and other debris.

On August 16th, a large crane transported from Vancouver will sink underwater and release smaller ships to begin the dredging process.

"August 16th people maybe want to go down to Hospital Beach because it's a one of a kind huge ship that actually sinks and then emits sub- ships off to do the work. It's like a mothership that basically bursts into smaller ones." Kitimat Councillor Rob Goffinet said.

The dredging will help facilitate the construction on a potential LNG plant in Kitimat.

"They need the wharfs to be a little bit deeper around their terminal "B" and eventually terminal "A" where they will be expanding that. There's a whole whack that needs to be dredged out, because their ships are massive." Mayor Phil Germuth said.

Two LNG carrier docking stations will be accounted for, with each of them being able to accommodate a ship with a length up to 3- hundred and 45 metres.

The dredging is being done at Terminal "B" witch Rio Tinto and LNG Canada currently share, however a Terminal "C" is currently being constructed by LNG Canada for Rio Tinto.

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