LNG Canada Open Houses, Job Fairs Attract Large Crowds

Hillary Johnson


LNG Canada marked the one-year anniversary of the Final Investment Decision to go ahead with the mega-project by holding Open Houses and Job Fairs in Kitimat and Terrace this week -- with large crowds attending both events.


The consortium's prime contractor JGC Fluor and Coastal Gas Link co-hosted the open houses, and Skeena MLA Ellis Ross, who has long championed the project, says he's glad to see how much excitement it's generating..

"Everyone is in these open houses and they are all looking for job opportunities, dropping off their resumes. All these displays, up here right now, they are looking for workers and they are all saying, hey come on in, we will train you, we will give you the help you need. It's actually night and day from what I was facing 10 years ago," said Ross.


Project officials say the coming five years are going to be very busy, but Corporate Affairs Director Susannah Pierce says there's already a lot of work going on.

"One of the areas that we have been working on is of course dredging, and dredging is to make sure that when we bring in the ships that will off load some of the big equipment and materials that the channel will be ready for us or the ports will be ready for us to do that. We have been working on some creek work along the site. The other thing we have been doing of course is clearing the site and making sure the site is ready and building the camp," she explained.

LNG Canada recently made its first contract award for operations.

A half-billion-dollar contract was give to HaiSea Marine, a consortium between the Haisla Nation and Seaspan, to supply and operate tugboats that will  accompany the large LNG vessels as they enter and exit the harbour.

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