Local Dance Students Strive For Excellence

Hillary Johnson

Lace up your ballet shoes and find your rhythm. The Art In Motion Dance Studio in Terrace has been making leaps and bounds in recent competitions. Partners Julian Hunt and Bronwen Bennett attended a competition in Prince George and took home gold with their duet "The Secret" and also helped win first place for performing in the small group jazz routine "Sweet Dreams."

"I looked at that trophy, and I think it's been a long time since our local studio here has gotten that award, so that was definitely exciting for sure. It was my first jazz group that I ever placed too." Explained Julian

Both performers have received awards and scholarships for their dance achievements and dedication.

"That scholarship was for someone who came into the studio each day and really wanted to be there, and I'm really grateful that I got that; it was $1,000, sponsored by chills soda shop." Said Bronwen

"Performer of the year is an award that you can win in Prince Rupert,  like BC Annual Dance Competition, where you have four solos that they choose from your top four marks throughout the competition, and at the end of the week, basically they pick out of all the contenders, who was the performer of the year. So its definitely nerve wracking but it’s also really exciting." Julian smiled

Bennett has been dancing with Hunt for the past three years of her ten-year career. She says it takes a lot of trust to ensure the performance goes smoothly, but trust isn't the only thing that makes a good dancer.

"I do modern, contemporary, bale, demi-character, jazz and lyrical. It takes a lot of courage to get up on stage in front of everybody and to do a dance."

Julian explains "To be a dancer, I feel like you have to be a pretty creative person and kind of looking for an outlet to express yourself. A lot of those emotions go into my dance when I perform."

These performers are in the studio 6 days a week with an average of two to three hours of practice each time. Hunt says performance season is coming to an end, but the training continues.

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