Local Elections Saturday -- Free Bus Rides for Some Northwest Voters

John Crawford

Municipal councils, school boards and Regional District directorships are all up for election tomorrow, as local elections are being held across the province.

Here in the northwest, four incumbent mayors -- Lee Brain in Prince Rupert, Carol Leclerc in Terrace, Shane Brienen in Houston and Linda McGuire in Granisle -- have been acclaimed.

Stewart's Gina McKay and Doug Daugert in Port Clements are also running unopposed.

But all of those communities have races for municipal council -- and most also have elections for school trustees.

The full list of candidates for all northwest communities is below. 

Voters in many northwest communities can count on free bus rides to the polls.

BC Transit has partnered with local municipalities and regional government to offer free fares tomorrow (Saturday), in Kitimat, Terrace, the Hazeltons and Prince Rupert.

The Skeena Regional Transit System will also offer the free service on the Terrace-Kitimat Connector, as well as buses to Kitamaat Village, Kitsumkalum and Gitaus/Queensway.

In Prince Rupert, the free fare applies to all routes except Route 60 (Port Edward) and Route 99 (Special). 

Check these links for full details:
     HAZELTONS:   https://bctransit.com/hazeltons.  
https://bctransit.com/skeena      or call 1-877-632-4449 
    TERRACE: bctransit.com/Terrace
    KITIMAT:  bctransit.com/kitimat
    PRINCE RUPERT:  bctransit.com/prince-rupert.


LOCAL ELECTIONS   (Municipal, RD, School Board)  OCT 20, 2018

Final list (source:  https://bc.localelections.ca/candidates/index_m.html )

Numbers in brackets indicate number of persons to be elected – where there is no number, just one person will fill this position


Candidates marked with an asterisk (*) are incumbents


MASSET (Village of)                                     
   Mayor:                        Margo Hearne
                                      Barry Pages   
  Councillors (4)           Terry Carty
                                     Bret Johnston  *
                                     Robert Morton
                                     Evelyn von Almassy   
                                     Regina Williams
PORT CLEMENTS (Village of)                   
  Mayor:                       Douglas Daugert    ACCLAIMED                               
  Councillors (4)            Brigid Cumming   *
                                     Kazamir Falconbridge
                                     Ian Gould
                                     Teri Kish
                                     Betty Stewart    *
QUEEN CHARLOTTE (Village of)             
  Mayor:                       Greg Martin  *
                                    Kris Olsen 
  Councillors (4)              Dave Clair
                                       Carl Coffey
                                       Richard Decembrini  *
                                       Jesse Embree
                                       Alan Moore
                                       Lisa Pineault
                                       Devin Rachar  *
PORT EDWARD (District of)                        
   Mayor:                      Knut Bjorndal
                                    Doug Larsen
                                    Dave MacDonald  *
   Councillors (4)         James Brown   *
                                    Dan Franzen   *
                                    Murray Kristoff
                                    Christine MacKenzie  *
                                    Grant Moore  *
PRINCE RUPERT  (City of)                        
  Mayor:                       Lee Brain  *   ACCLAIMED                                
  Councillors (6)              Nick Adey
                                       Charmayne Carlson
                                       Barry Cunningham  *
                                       Sarah Dantzer
                                       Blair  Mirau  *
                                       Wade Niesh  *
                                       Gurvinder Randhawa  *
                                       Reid Skelton-Morven
TERRACE  (City of)                                                 
  Mayor:                       Carol Leclerc *   ACCLAIMED  
   Councillors (6):         Sean  Bujtas  *
                                    Lynne Christiansen  *
                                    James Cordeiro  *
                                    Brian Downie  *
                                    Martin Holzbauer
                                    Jessica McCallum-Miller
                                    Evan Ramsay
                                    David Try
KITIMAT (District of)                                            
Mayor:                         Phil Germuth  *
                                    David Johnston
  Councillors (6):              Jonathan Borgens
                                        Edwin Empinado  *
                                        Mario Feldhoff  *
                                        Lani Gibson
                                        Rob Goffinet  *
                                        Peter King
                                        Vanessa Lopez
                                        Terry Marleau
                                        Mary Murphy  *
                                         Larry Walker  *
                                         Mark Zielinski
STEWART (District of)                               
  Mayor:                       Gina McKay    ACCLAIMED                               
  Councillors (6)               Sylvia Alderton Goulet  *
                                        Adrian Eigenmann
                                        Viri Gomez Sanchez
                                        Jason Hill
                                        Steve Howe
                                        Jim Hyslop
                                        Dave Johns
                                        Mitch Kovats
                                        Jason Levesque
                                        Patty Lynn  *
                                        Eike Riemann  *
                                        Neal Rowe   *
                                        Maureen Tarrant
Referendum Question (Stewart):
•Are you in favour of reducing Council size from 6 Councillors and a Mayor
 To 4 Councillors and a Mayor?
HAZELTON (Village of)                               
  Mayor:                       Alice Maitland  *
                                    Dennis Sterritt    
  Councillors (4)          Wendy Blackstock  *
                                    Doug Eftoda
                                    Suzzanna Lemky
                                    Julie Maitland
                                    Nick Marshall  *
                                    Buddy Smith   *
                                    Jody Tetreau
NEW HAZELTON (District of)                              
  Mayor:                       Robert Henwood
                                    Gail Lowry  *
  Councillors (6)              Allan Berg
                                       George Burns  *
                                       Braunwyn Henwood  *
                                       Jutta Hobenshield
                                       Ray Sturney  *
                                       Michael Weeber  *

SMITHERS (Town of)                                              
  Mayor:                       Taylor Bachrach  *
                                    Randy Bell
  Councillors (6):          Gladys Atrill  *
                                    Colin Bateman
                                     Lorne Benson
                                     Phil Brienesse  *
                                     Greg Brown  *
                                     John A Buikema
                                     Tim Sharp
                                     Casda Thomas
                                     Frank Wray  *
                                     Ryan Zapisocki

TELKWA (Village of)                                              
  Mayor                        Brad Layton
                                    John McDivitt     
  Councillors (4)              Leroy Dekens *   ACCLAIMED       
                                       Rick Fuerst     ACCLAIMED 
                                       Matthew Monkman  ACCLAIMED 
                                       Annette Morgan *   ACCLAIMED   
HOUSTON (District of)                                                         
  Mayor:                       Shane Brienen *   ACCLAIMED  
  Councillors (6)              Peter Aman 
                                       Tim Anderson  *
                                       Nichelle Cranmer
                                       Tom Euverman
                                       Dylan MacDonald
                                       Lisa Makuk
                                       Troy Reitsma
                                       John Siebenga  *
                                       Tom Stringfellow  *
                                       Dennis Tait  *
                                       Jonathan Van Barneveld   *

GRANISLE (Village of)                                            
  Mayor                        Linda McGuire  *   ACCLAIMED 
  Councillors (4)          Karen Barber  *
                                     Marilyn Berglund
                                     Zarna Dilley  *
                                     Thomas Liversidge  *
                                     Calvin Thompson
                                     Randy Weiberg
BURNS LAKE (Village of)                                      
  Mayor:                       Dolores Funk 
                                     Albert L Gerow 
                                     John Rauch 
   Councillors (4)          Darrell Hill  ACCLAIMED 
                                    Charlie Rensby  *  ACCLAIMED 
                                    Kevin  White   ACCLAIMED 
                                    Henry Wiebe    ACCLAIMED 



  Directors       Area A (Port Simpson, Metlakatla)    Des Nobels  * ACCLAIMED    
                        Area C (Oona River-Hartley Bay)      Karl Bergman  *  ACCLAIMED   
                        Area D (Graham Island)                     Michael Racz *
                                                                                    Johanne Young   
                        Area E (Moresby Island)                    Bill Beldessi   *
                                                                                   Ellen Foster 
                                                                                   Evan Putterill  
  Directors:     Area A (Nass Valley/Meziadin)               Eric Nyce
                                                                                      Harry Nyce  *
                        Area B (Hazeltons, Moricetown-Cedarvale)    Dean Paranich
                                                                                                 Linda Pierre  *
                        Area C (Rural Terrace, South Coast)       Bruce Bidgood  
                                                                                          Martin Holzbauer
                        Area D (Tel Crk, Iskut, Bob Quinn)        Dave Brocklebank  *  ACCLAIMED 
                        Area E (Thornhill)                             Jeff Hammond  
                                                                                 Ted Ramsey   *
                        Area F (Dease Lake)                            Tina Etzerza  * ACCLAIMED  
    Directors:    Area A (Smithers Rural)                     Mark  Fisher  *
                                                                                   Leah Germain 
                        Area B (Burns Lake Rural)                 Michael Riis-Christianson   ACCLAIMED 
                        Area C (Fort St James Rural)              Tom Greenaway * ACCLAIMED      
                        Area D  (Fraser Lake Rural)               Mark Parker  *  ACCLAIMED   
                        Area E (Francois Lake/Ootsa Lake)   Clint Lambert
                        Area F (Vanderhoof Rural)                Jerry Petersen  *  ACCLAIMED  
                        Area G (Houston Rural)                     Rob Newell  *  ACCLAIMED  

Referendum Questions For Areas B (Burns Lake Rural) and E (Francois/Ootsa Lake Rural)
•"Are you in favour of the Lakes District Arts and Culture Service Establishment Bylaw No. 1831, 2018 which would establish a service within the boundaries of the Electoral Areas "B" and "E" and the Village of Burns Lake to provide financial support for the Burns Lake and District Public Library, the Burns Lake and Area Museum and other arts and culture organizations in the Lakes District; and would authorize a maximum annual taxation of 55 cents per $1,000 of net taxable value of land and improvements."


HAIDA GWAII  (School District 50)                                                                      
   Trustees:       Area 1 (Old Massett)                Wilson Brown  *  ACCLAIMED 
                         Area 2 (North)                        Freda Davis
                                                                        Patrick Moores
                                                                        Barb Sly                      
                         Area 3 (Central)                     Julia Breese  ACCLAIMED 
                         Area 4 (Skidegate)                 Dana Moraes  ACCLAIMED 
                        Area 5 (South)                      Roeland Denooij
                                                                      Scott Marsden 
                                                                      Rhonda McIsaac  
PRINCE RUPERT (School District 52)                                                    
  Trustees:  City (6)                   David Cook
                                                  Al Ernst
                                                  Steve Finnigan Jr.
                                                  James Horne  *
                                                  Terri-Lynne Huddlestone  *
                                                  Bart Kuntz  *
                                                  Tina Last  *
                                                  Kristy Maier
                                                  Jessica  Newman
                                                  Louisa Sanchez  *
                                                  Kate Toye        
                      Rural (1)               Janet Beil  *
                                                   Joanne Lewis Dudoward
NISGA’A (School District 92)                                                                      
  Trustees:        Gingolx           Tanya Barton
                                                 Floyde Stevens
                        Gitlaxt’aamiks       Garrett Davis
                                                      Stephen Johnson
                                                      Charlene Ousey                                                     
                        Gitwinksihlkw            Alivin Azak
                                                         Teresa Azak
                        Laxgalts’ap     Elsie Davis
                                                Danica Moore 
                        Nass Camp          Norman Hayduk      ACCLAIMED                          
COAST MOUNTAINS  (School District 82)                                              
  Trustees:        Kitimat (2)      Raymond Apna-Raj  *  ACCLAIMED 
                                                Karen Jonkman   ACCLAIMED 
                         Terrace (2)      Art Erasmus   * 
                                                 Peter Lambright
                                                 Margaret Warcup  *
                        Thornhill          Lorrie Gowen
                                                Sandy Watson   *
                        Stewart            Angela Brand Danuser  *  ACCLAIMED                                       
                        Hazeltons        Shar McCrory  *    ACCLAIMED                
BULKLEY VALLEY (School District 54)                                                            
  Trustees         Lake Kathlyn/Evelyn/Witset       Priscilla Michell  * ACCLAIMED  
                          Smithers/Glentanna/Driftwood  (3)    Susan Bassett 
                                                                                     Frank P Farrell  *
                                                                                     Elsbeth Fielding
                                                                                     Jason Krauskopf
                                                                                     Floyd H Krishan
                                                                                     Regina Saimoto            
                        Telkwa/Quick              Edward Quinlan   ACCLAIMED 
                        Houston  (2)                Les Kearns  *    ACCLAIMED    
                                                            Jennifer Williams  *  ACCLAIMED   
NECHAKO LAKES (School District 91)                                                    
   Trustees:       Area 1 (Vanderhoof & area)   (2)        Tom Bulmer *
                                                                                     Nadine Frenkel *
                                                                                     Sarah John 
                                                                                     Michelle Roberge                     
                        Area 2 (Topley/DeckerLk/Granisle)   Steve Davis  *  ACCLAIMED        
                        Area 3 (Burns Lk & Rural)                 Rick Pooley    ACCLAIMED 
                        Area 4 (Grassy Plains/Francois Lk)    Adele Gooding  *  
                                                                                    Nyree Hazelton
                        Area 5 (Endako/Fraser Lake/Ft Fraser)          Dave Christie
                                                                                                Doris Honeyman 
                        Area 6 (FtStJames & area)                  Lucille Duncan  *
                                                                                    Cheryl Peterson
                                                                                    Kaylee Walstrom

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