Local governments are getting ready for their re-opening plan

Hillary Johnson

As the province starts to implement its re-opening plan, local governments are getting ready for their multiple phased re-engagement process. Terrace Mayor Carol Leclerc notes that some municipal buildings and facilities are or will soon be available to the public as city staff work on the timeline.

"The staff is planning to open up to the public the first week of June, and that will be for City Hall, Public Works and the Leisure Services Office, but the swimming pool will still not be open, fitness classes won't be open, the pickleball courts are open, the tennis courts are open right now, the playground is not yet, basketball courts aren't yet."

Kitimat Mayor Phil Germuth says that most of their municipal facilities won't be opening up right away, but he is supportive of local stores returning to operation.

"We are very supportive of having things re-open as long as the stores are able to follow the recommendations being put out by the province. I think overall, Kitimat has done a fairly good job, but nothing's ever perfect. The business community and the residents seem to grasp that we need to do our part here, and it seems that everybody is doing that."

Leclerc says that just because Northwest numbers are low, doesn't mean we should stop taking precautions.

"Don't get complacent; keep our guards up. I know there isn't a lot of COVID-19 here, but I think its good practice in the event that maybe COVID-19 does show up here in the Northwest, that we just have new good practices to go forward."

Leclerc feels that people have been very understanding about social distancing, and she says she's on board with the province's restart plan as the city will continue to be consistent with the provincial regulations.

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