Ground Broken on new Fairfield by Marriott modular hotel in Kitimat

John Crawford

Ground was broken today on a new modular hotel, being constructed at the north end of Kitimat.

The "Fairfield by Marriott" is  the latest in a series of new developments taking place in Kitimat, in the wake of last year's announcement that the LNG Canada project was going ahead.

"Today we are officially breaking ground on what I believe will be a world class facility!"

And with that, Horizon North President and CEO Rod Graham announced that construction of the new five storey, 120-suite modular building has officially begun..

[CFTK PHOTO:   Rod Graham, President/CEO, Horizon North -- photo by Steve Ross

Because it's modular, the "Fairview by Marriott" will go up quickly -- it'll be ready by early next year --  and Graham says it will also be more environmentally friendly -- and safer to construct.

He says modular construction techniques have become commonplace in many other parts of the world -- he says Canada is years behind the US and Europe in this regard.

"As you look at trades, demographics as people get older, you take a look at climate, topography, geographical distances, modular construction only makes sense; I can almost guarantee time certainty, cost certainty, quality certainty, and then from sustainabilty perspective, the green element of how you build modularly offsite, certainly in my mind eliminates a lot of the waste that should never be going into a landfill," he said.

Skeena MLA Ellis Ross and Kitimat mayor Phil Germuth were also on hand for the ground-breaking today -- and both were excited about the new development and what it means in terms of Kitimat's growth.

"The benefits this is going to provide to the region, especially Kitimat is another neighbourhood -- it's going to be a more diverse neighbourhood, there's going to have to be a retail centre here, there's going to be a hotel, they're going to have meeting rooms here, and that'll be three really up-to-date hotels in Kitimat in preparation for all the people who are going to be coming to Kitimat," said Ross.

"Everything Horizon North has done since they started, all the projects they've worked on, have had nothing but a positive impact;  having a Fairfield by Marriott here in Kitimat -- this is going to be a super high quality hotel, it'll be the first thing that people see as they come into Kitimat, a beautiful new development, so we're really looking forward to seeing this up and running," added the Mayor.

Germuth says it will also allow Kitimat to host events such as hockey tournaments and accomodate visitors from out-of-town.

He says with more development on the horizon, Kitimat's renaissance is just beginning.


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