Metlakatla community begins to loosen up their COVID-19 restrictions

Divya Gill

As the province continues to expand on the Restart program, First Nation communities are also beginning to loosen some of the restrictions that they had put in place during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Metlakatla has announced their plans to slowly start loosening up restrictions in the community.

Communications Manager Shaun Thomas says based on the needs of the community, now is a good time to reintroduce these services. 

Those who are able to travel to Prince Rupert for groceries are allowed to do so now. 

Grocery deliveries will be limited to elders and those who physically are unable to the make the trip. 

Thomas stresses although the community is reducing its restrictions-- non-residents are still not permitted to enter the community. 

He also stated the Wilderness Trail will not be opening this summer

"Because of the limitations of the ferry service and also not wanting to create a lot of foot traffic  in the community, we are looking to push back the opening of the Wilderness Trail to probably next year."

The Band office remains closed to the public, while a gradual return of ferry service is now in place with trips set for three days per week.

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