Monster Trucks Arrive for Weekend Show in Terrace

John Crawford

We're just days away from the "Malicious Monster Truck Tour", which takes over the Terrace-Kitimat Airport this weekend.

The final touches are now being applied to the course -- and the participants say they're gearing up for a great show.


It's been a painstaking process -- crews and equipment from JL Excavating, including three dump trucks and a loader, were hauling material to the Northwest Regional Airport over the past couple of weeks -- about 600 yards of dirt being dumped onto the site.

That's nearly double what they had for last year's show.

The dirt is used to construct the jumps and to bury the vehicle wrecks which make up the obstacle course. 

Safety fencing donated by West-Point Rentals is being erected this week.

"We're also putting up barricades, moving bleachers with Bandstra and putting them in position, because we don't have seating so we have to truck all our seating up there; we only have limited amounts of bleachers so if you want to bring a lawn chair or your own seating, we welcome that as the bleachers are first-come, first-served," said organizer Steve Pereira.

The car wrecks are being moved into position this week, while the track is being constructed, pretty much from scratch.


Meanwhile, the Malicious Monster Truck Tour semi's rolled into the Canadian Tire parking lot in Terrace this week -- and the guys started to put the gigantic tires -- transforming these vehicles into true monsters.


Pereira says there are three new Monster Trucks joining the tour.

"We have the brand-new Rock Star which is a side-by-side; we have Spitfire the fire-breathing dragon;  and we have High-Voltage, which is a Chevy Silverado-style truck; we also have a golf-cart flame-throwing jet engine which is called T'd Off," he explained.

The trucks will be performing two shows -- on Saturday and on Sunday -- at the Northwest Regional Airport -- but Pereira says people will get a chance to have a preview look at the vehicles this week.  

"They're going to have the trucks on display at MacCarthy GM and at Canadian Tire, Inland Kenworth on Friday and one or two up at the Northwest Regional Airport so people can see the trucks;  we're going to have a barbecue at MacCarthy GM on Friday, and Rock Star will be there and a few other trucks and that's going to be a fundraiser for Terrace Search and Rescue; Mr Mikes will be grilling burgers."

As for the show itself, Pereira says this could be your last chance to see it in Terrace for a while -- because next year, they'll turn their attention to hosting an Air Show at the Northwest Regional Airport.


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