Northwest Regional Airport Prepares for Invasion of "Monsters" -- Monster Trucks, that is!

John Crawford

In just under a month from now, monsters will invade the northwest -- monster trucks, that is.

The Malicious Monster Truck Insanity Tour will roar through the Northwest Regional Airport grounds for the second year in a row -- and organizers are hoping the show is as big a success as last year's was.   
The 2018 show was a bit of a test run --- to see if the northwest was ready for something as big as this.


The Malicious Monster Truck Tour was making its first appearance in the region in 20 years -- but organizers were quite pleased overall with how it went -- and were also pleased with the venue, the Northwest Regional Airport.

"There was some quirks at the beginning the first night but got those ironed out for the second night and we're all ready for that this year for parking and traffic -- it all went great, we didn't have any kind of security incidents or anything like that; it was an excellent show and a lot of fun," said airport manager Carman Hendry.

He says holding events at the airport can enhance the community and provide economic opportunities for the local hospitality industry. 

Over the next three weeks, a portion of the airport will once again be transformed into a course -- and organizer Steve Pereira says it involves quite a bit of work.

"If everybody remembers last year, there was bleachers, we had the cars, dirt jumps and we're going to do all the same again this year -- but this year, we're going to make the track bigger, more cars for the trucks to crunch, bigger jumps, two busses on at the same time, and make it longer and wider, so we're going to have a really great course!"

And Pereira says using an outdoor venue like the airport lands provides lots and lots of space for the participants to perform their stunts. 

"I can put it in perspective, if you go to a stadium, like in the CN Centre or the Encana Centre, you have an ice surface of roughly 220 feet by 75 feet wide; our course is going to be 600 feet long by 250 feet wide so a lot more room for the trucks to play, jump, wheelie, manoever and it's really bang for your buck!"

This year's show will feature some returnees from last year -- plus three brand-new trucks, two of which were built this past winter.

There will be a different half-time show as well. 

The Malicious Monster Truck Insanity Tour dates are July 13th and 14th at the Northwest Regional Airport.


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