NCRD Announces Closure of Regional Recycling Depot

Brittany Webster

The North Coast Regional District announced yesterday that the regional recycling transfer station serving Prince Rupert, Port Edward and surrounding areas will be closing effective October 20th.

The regional district sites issues with people abandoning waste materials not compliant with the NCRD collection program, as well as problems with overflow and finances.

Chair Barry Pages is quoted in the release saying, “Employee safety is paramount to us at the NCRD. While the decision to close the transfer station has been difficult, ultimately, we cannot, in good conscience, subject our employees to daily safety risks caused by reckless abandonment of waste materials."

Users of the transfer station on Kaien Road will still be able to drop off recycling during operating hours. The deopt will be dropping Sunday operations and extending Saturdays by an additional four hours.

The NCRD states they will continue to monitor abandonment issues and all violations will be reported to the police.

The report also states that the unstaffed collection site does not comply with current provincial regulations for collecting residential packaging and paper products through the Recycle BC Program, as the products must be collected through curbside pick-up or a staff collection site.

The regional district mentioned in the release that they recognize the need for improved recycling services and are continuing to work with all stakeholders to implement curbside recycling in Prince Rupert.

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