NEB Coastal GasLink Hearings

Kathy Brookes

The National Energy Board is hearing arguments in Calgary this week about jurisdiction over the Coastal GasLink pipeline.

Smithers resident Mike Sawyer has argued it requires federal -- not just provincial -- approval.

Today and tomorrow, the NEB is hearing detailed legal arguments about whether the project should be considered a "federal undertaking".

The Coastal GasLink pipeline would feed the massive LNG Canada export terminal at Kitimat and has already received B.C.'s approval.

Sawyer and the group EcoJustice have argued it should be considered part of a "federal undertaking" because TransCanada would operate it together with the Nova Gas Transmission Line in Alberta and because the LNG Canada project required a federal gas export licence. 

Coastal GasLink argued today that their pipeline should be considered as separate and falling strictly within B.C. and its jurisdiction.

The NEB is also hearing from the governments of Canada, B.C. and Saskatchewan, as well as LNG Canada and its partners.

LNG Canada supporters fear a new assessment process would slow or kill the project.

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