Northwest Fire Centre Urges Caution for Canada Day Weekend

John Crawford

The Northwest Fire Centre is reminding people to be extra careful with fires as we head into the Canada Day long weekend.

Wednesday's lightning storm sparked more than half-a-dozen small fires through the region -- and Fire Information Officer Carolyn Bartos warns that the last thing we need right now is human-caused fires added to the mix -- especially with warm, sunny weather in the forecast for much of the weekend.

[PHOTO:   Carolyn Bartos, Northwest Fire Centre]

 "Right now we do see a bit of a warming trend happening, and with that brings warm weather and that leads to campfires in the evening so just a reminder to be extra dilligent when lighting those fires and making sure they are completely extinguished before leaving a fire behind," she said.

The Fire Hazard is "Moderate" for much of our region, with pockets of "High" around Terrace and Kitimat and near the Yukon border.  


Initial attack crews continue to work on suppressing fires burning along the west side of Kalum Lake and north of Meziadin in the Skeena Zone, as well as small blazes burning in the Lake Kathlyn area north of Smithers and in the Kispiox Valley.

Full details from BC Wildfire Service below.  


A band of lightning that moved through the Northwest Fire Centre the afternoon of Wednesday, June 26, started several new wildfires in the region.

The BC Wildfire Service has responded to 11 reports of smoke since Wednesday afternoon, but discovered no fires related to four of them. BC Wildfire Service crews are taking action on the remaining seven fires.

Lightning-caused wildfires within the Northwest Fire Centre include:

Skeena Fire Zone:

* R50739 - This fire is about 12.5 kilometres northwest of Rosswood on the shores of Kitsumkalum Lake. It covers less than one hectare. Two Initial Attack Crews attended this fire and received support from an airtanker. Crews are returning to the site today, supported by firefighting aircraft.

* R50749 - This fire is about 12.5 kilometres northwest of Meziadin Junction and covers less than one hectare. Firefighters are attending this fire today, with helicopter bucketing support.

Bulkley Fire Zone:

* R30750 - This fire is about 3.5 kilometres north of the Smithers Airport and covers about 0.2 hectares. An Initial Attack Crew responded with a BC Wildfire Service wildfire officer and helicopter support on Wednesday evening. Crews are on site today and working to extinguish the fire. This fire is being held and no air support is necessary today.

* R40759 - This fire is about 40 kilometres north of Hazelton and covers less than one hectare. This fire is being assessed by BC Wildfire Service crews.

* R30763 - This fire is about 22 kilometres northwest of the Smithers Airport, near Trout Creek. It covers less than one hectare. BC Wildfire Service crews are responding.

* R30761 - This fire is about five kilometres southwest of Witset, near John Brown Creek, and covers less than one hectare. BC Wildfire Service crews are responding.

Nadina Fire Zone:

* R20731 - This fire is about seven kilometres east of Morice Lake and covers less than one hectare. An initial Attack Crew found one tree on fire. The crew felled the tree and extinguished the flames. This fire is now out. No other fire was discovered in the area.


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