Nass Valley Mushroom Picker Rescued After Smoke Alerts SAR Helicopter

John Crawford

A mushroom picker, who spent two nights lost in the Nass Valley, has been rescued, after he used smoke to alert search teams to his whereabouts.

The man had become separated from his partner, while picking in an area near Old Aiyansh Sunday.

[PHOTO:   Terrace Search and Rescue / Facebook]

Terrace Search-and-Rescue was called in Monday to help look for the missing man, joining 25 local residents in an air-and-ground search of the area.

The missing man had seen the search helicopter flying overhead, and built a fire, which was spotted early yesterday morning near Chemainuk Creek.

He was rescued a short time later by searchers on the ground, and he was transported to the New Aiyansh Medical Clinic for treatment. 

[PHOTOS:   Terrace Search and Rescue / Facebook]


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