Nisga'a President Promises Thorough Investigation After Friday Protest

Hillary Johnson, John Crawford

The president of the Nisga'a Lisims Government says all allegations of financial mismanagement are being examined by an independent investigator.

Eva Clayton read a statement Friday, as a group of 10 protestors gathered outside the Lisims Government building in Gitlaxt'aamiks (New Aiyansh).

[PHOTO:  John E. Stevens/Nisga'a Democracy and Governance Facebook page]

They were angry following allegations made in an explosive email by a government employee, who no longer works for the Lisims Government -- and Clayton says those allegations are being looked into.

"Serious allegations were made in that email, and it is the feduciary responsibility of the Nisga'a government to review that; it is the obligation of the Nisga'a Lisims Government to investigate the serious allegations so that we can determine that it did not happen," she said.

She also said ""the Nisga'a Government cannot reach into the settlement trust fund at the whim of government. There are rules, regulations and procedures that govern our every move when it comes to taking accountability for the public funds that belong to the Nisga'a Nation, in which is administered and governed through that trust fund."

Protest spokesperson John Barton explains what he wants to see emerge from the investigation:

"There'll be a lot of good positive changes so we can move forward for the people -- it's the people, not just the office;  we're here to protest things that are not right in this building here, it's nothing to do with the president, it's inside work that needs to be changed for the right, for the good of the people," he explained.

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