Notaries Offer Advice for National Housing Day

Brittany Webster

Today is National Housing Day and notaries from across B.C. are offering some advice on affordability.

Advice is being directed towards those looking at non-traditional forms of housing such as strata units.

Notary Rhoda Witherly in Prince Rupert says strata housing in the North is typically in the form of townhouses and gave some tips on what to think about before choosing strata housing.

"There's all kinds of things that go with strata living. There are rules and things that are imposed by the strata council with the consent of the owners, so if you're going to move into that kind of housing you really need to be aware of what are the rules for living in that area" 

Witherly also says to look at not only today, but also several years down the road when putting together a budget as the cost of housing is not fixed and interest rates may increase.

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