Oil Tanker Bill Report Rejected

Canadian Press / Kathy Brookes

The Senate has passed up a chance to kill the Trudeau government's bill to ban oil tankers from docking on B-C's north coast.

Senators voted 53-to-38 tonight to reject a committee report that recommended Bill C-48 be scrapped. One senator abstained.

By rejecting the report, senators have ensured the bill will proceed to third reading, when amendments can be proposed.

Some Independents have signalled their support for changes that would allow for a shipping corridor through the restricted area. 

Some senators who rejected the committee's report also viewed the Conservative-written document was too partisan and inflammatory.

It asserted the bill is politically motivated -- would divide the country -- inflame separatist sentiment in Alberta -- and stoke resentment among Indigenous Peoples. It also accused the Trudeau government of intentionally setting out to destroy the economy of Alberta.

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